The Biggest Winner in Kamala Harris' Joe Biden Shellacking

Answer: South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Why: Pete Buttigieg's constant failures to bring people together were largely unnoticed and largely unquestioned as Kamala Harris skewered Joe Biden over his stances on busing, states' rights and race relations.

Pete Buttigieg: Mayor Pete Buttigieg is known as a whip-smart product of the ivory tower. As a Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar previously employed by the highly coveted McKinsey & Company consulting firm, Bettigieg's work ethic is undeniably high but his ability to connect emotionally is unreasonably low.

Buttigieg's Failure:

(1) Low EQ. From time to time, our commander-in-chief, and those aspiring to hold that office, are required to become the nation's comforter-in-chief. This happens regardless of political party. People reached for Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as these men each helped bring people together during tragedy.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg did not display the poise and class required for the office-- and it's evident in from the first picture on the lower left hand corner.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's decision to read from a single sheet of paper displayed how little he prepared for the event--especially since he's demonstrated proficiency with unscripted questions before millions of people live during town hall events and TV interviews on a range of complex topics. Why would someone need a single sheet of paper to deliver such simple news? Buttitigeg essentially stated that a report found race did not play a factor into the death of Eric Logan, an unarmed black man shot and killed by police. Seems easy for a Rhodes Scholar to handle without a sheet of paper.

In the video below, one woman directly asks Mayor Buttigieg: "What can you say that will comfort me?" Despite this plea, Buttigieg, offers nothing.

See their interaction at about 50 seconds.

(2) Temperament. Buttigieg yelled out "I'm not asking for your vote" while addressing Logan's family and friends as they mourn his death at the hands of the police department Mayor Pete Buttigieg oversees. At times, Buttigieg looked agitated, annoyed and burdened by carrying out duties as an elected official. Logan's mother, pictured on the bottom far right, appeared dismayed by Buttigieg's caustic behavior and seemed uncomfortable by Buttigieg's presence. She simply did not trust him.

Buttigieg's inability to recognize his own residents' shock, tragedy and pain disqualifies him for the presidency he seeks because he hasn't demonstrated success at a lower level to earn a promotion to the next level.

Before tackling Algebra 2, one must understand basic arithmetic. Since Buttigieg did not demonstrate mastery of running South Bend, and effectively managing this crisis, he's best suited to keep practicing and warming the bench while the starters in the Democratic Party get to work.

Sure, Mayor Buttigieg delivers lofty speeches and posits racial justice as an issue he'd like to address.

My question is simple. How'd residents rate Buttigieg on bringing people together when he held the reigns of local government in South Bend? The good thing about someone's record as mayor for nearly 8 years is that you don't have to look at what they say, you just look what they accomplished and how they show up to their constituents.

America experienced how inexperience performs in the White House-- Trump if you identify with Democrats and Obama if you identify with Republicans.

Setting political party aside, we all appreciate moments when someone comforts us during a crisis. And Pete Buttigieg fails at that assessment. The presidency isn't just an intellectual debate. The outcomes affect real people and have real effects. It's time for Buttigieg to set aside.

Check out the videos below on presidents responding to tragedy:

President Obama sang "Amazing Grace" when unarmed South Carolina church goers were gunned down as they welcomed an unfamiliar man to worship with them.

George W. Bush delivered a response that was firm but emotionally sensitive during a campus shooting at Virginia Tech.

Bill Clinton bent down to console a woman who cried and told her everything would be okay.

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