Empower Kids: Qualitative Inputs; Quantitative Outputs

A 9-year-old student wrote the following sentence to introduce a story describing their favorite summer destination:

"My favorite place to visit over the summer is my mother's grave; last year I watched as my mom’s ex-boyfriend shot and killed her."

Empower Kids connects local professionals with students in Detroit and Chicago to provide students, and their families, with exposure to: financial literacy, etiquette, entrepreneurship, health & wellness, job readiness and more.

Our programs are presented through plays, guest speakers, small groups and an engaging curriculum.

These qualitative inputs lead to quantitative outputs producing the following results:

(1) Increased academic performance

(2) Decreased behavioral incidents

(3) Increased attendance

(4) Healthier eating habits

Empower Kids' mission is to uplift at-risk populations’ economic and social standing. We believe that students, no matter what zip code they're born into, deserve the opportunity to achieve The American Dream and to fulfill their God given potential.

Please support us in our efforts by making a financial contribution.

You can find the “Donate” button on www.empowerkids.co or paste our PayPal account into your web browser:


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Empower Kids

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